My Custom grand Stick


The Grand Stick

  • I began my career on bass guitar and loved the power and full sound of the bass, but soon moved on to guitar which offered a more expressive way of getting the music out. 15 years later I found the Chapman Stick. Immediately I knew this was the instrument for mr. Now I have the best of both, A powerful bass instrument as well as an articulate melodic vehicle, all on one neck and  played simultaneously. Since 1981 I have composed and played my own style of music on the Stick. This instrument is a source of inspiration in my quest to create my unique signature tunes. 


Fully Customised for me.

  • My Grand Stick is completely customized to give me a unique sound.  I asked Emmett Chapman to double-wind the original pickups to match the sound of my old 10 sting Stick that was made in the 1970's. The original pickup has been replaced with my own custom designed pickup that houses a Seymour Duncan Hotrail to give me an edgy sound on the melody side. My friend Mike Bartell, a master wood craftsman, helped bring my vision to fruition.  A three way toggle was added to the melody side to switch between the Hotrail and the standard humbucker. A mono-stereo switch was also added to the housing. Extra inlays were added to the fretboard so they could be seen in low lighting.